It's often all too easy (probably quite annoyingly so) to lump emerging Scottish artists in with bands like Biffy Clyro and Frightened Rabbit, simply for singing with such a distinctive accent, but let's think about that for a second. Frightened Rabbit have had four incredible albums and Biffy Clyro were amazing back in the day, so Glaswegian duo Nieves are in some pretty stellar company already.

Their new track "Straight Line" displays a gorgeous and heartbreaking interplay between the despondent vocals of Brendan Dafters and subtle melodies of Herre De Leur on piano. Mix that in with acoustic guitar and a generous helping of strings and you've got a track every part as gripping as anything Nieves' counterparts have produced. With their début EP on the way, you can bet the duo won't be willing to settle for anything less than the top.

posted by Staff
September 2014