Inspired by the indie/math-ish couple of bands I shared last week, I felt that it would be a great idea to dig deeper in the genre and find more similar artists. I am really getting into the whole math pop (I guess that's how I would label the music) thingy. So, these days I've been dozing off in bliss with the music of Ninetails. It really takes a lot of skill to create something so beautifully chaotic and then wrap it up with a layer of awesomeness and make it look... organized. Not sure if this explanation actually worked out. Let me paraphrase that. Their music kicks ass.

"Rawdon Fever" is the third track of their Slept And Did Not Sleep EP, a release I highly recommend! I guess it was the mathpop vibe of the track the reason why I chose to share it with you. As probably you will notice, instead of lyrics the band are going with a rather cheerful humming, which fits perfectly in the wayward structure of the song. Now, it's time for me to click "publish" and leave you with the music. Enjoy!

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posted by Ivo
April 2013