"Faceless" by Nit Grit is an atmospheric and haunting ride deep into the tunnels of meticolously crafted dubstep, and it's absolutely lovely!

Danny Beall, who stands behind the Nit Grit moniker, is a more than familiar name for all bass heads around the world. Throughout the years his name has become synonymous with innovation, deviation from the status quo, and daring approach, which is distinctive in every single one of his countless musical projects. “Faceless” is just another example of his inventiveness as composer and producer.

“Faceless” lulls you in from the very start, with eerie introduction that flows smoothly into a mellow syncopated beat. As soon as the drums kick in, you know you are in for a trip. The production is minimalistic and crisp, and there is a prevailing sense of a frosty distance throughout the whole track, a feeling of coldness that creates an atmosphere like no other.

That being said, however, “Faceless” doesn’t feel calculated, computed, or by-the-numbers even for a millisecond. It’s a track full of musical surprises, like unexpected harmonies, beat switches (the one at 2:16 is nothing less than a thing of sheer beauty), recurrent vocal effects, and beautifully laid harmonies. The coldness is just a mask for the versatility behind those 3:31 minutes of “Faceless.”

posted by Dimitar
February 2021