Oh, I'm so excited that Nix Northwest's album finally dropped, I can't tell you enough!

Xin's Disappearance is a 15-piece multifaceted journey, told by Xin, his own reflection (cool wordplay). It's very soulful & jazzy, as well as showcasing his creativity to the full, with various twists & turns.

"Time Out", the focus track, is so smooth, his words will slide into your ears like silk. Of course, the jazzy keys, gentle guitars, hazy brass, and lofi-esque beats help a lot. And if that's not enough, there are honey female vocals mid-track and a switch so awesome at the end, this song should be on a constant repeat in your playlists.

Of course, the full album is a magnificent experience, definitely check it in full:

Nix Northwest · Xin's Disappearance
posted by Nasko
March 2023