There is a small group of music producers who consciously and continuously spread the wise words of people whose guidance we urgently need now more than ever. Noahs Boat must be one of these artists because I can hear the voice of Jiddu Krishnamutri, a great writer and speaker on philosophical and spiritual subjects. His main emphasis was on the revolution of the mind, a change in the  thinking of every human being so radical that it could not be achieved by any religious, political or social means. In other words, I can explain it to you but I cannot understand it for you. If you have watched the first Zeitgeist movie you have seen him talking. Back then I did know who that man was but his tone of voice, so confident and captivating stayed with me until few years ago when I decided to find out who that man was. A quote of his describes very accurately the world we live in :

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society

"Watching the River" carries the spirit of people like Allan Watts and Juddi Krishnamutri. It is vast, powerful and one can feel the omnipresence of life in us and everything that surrounds us. Thank you Noahs Boat for this track.

p.s. The track is part of his latest album "A Sing", consisting 13 tracks available at the following page.

posted by Alex
October 2014