I am in so much doubt which cover to actually write about in this post that I decided to include them both. The original song is by Neutral Milk Hotel from 1998 and it is actually a song split in 3 parts or maybe it's 3 songs united under the name of " King of Carrot Flowers". I am totally in the dark when it comes to this band so I will stop guessing and move on to the beautiful covers inspired by this song.

The first one is by White Wives and when listening it I can't help but  think of 90's movies. I imagine someone gloomily sitting by the window, focusing on each and every rain drop sliding down. Perhaps, someone else is stuck at home, waiting patiently by the phone because back in the 90's your phone was a landline one. I can carry on with examples but I think you get my point, or at least those of you who grew up in 90's. The overall feeling that this cover brings is joy mixed with melancholy or vice versa. At least I feel it this way.

On the other side there is this cover by Noam Hassenfeld that is purely acoustic and manages to enhance even more the lyrics which are simple yet remarkable. His voice is mellow and I would actually love to hear him covering part 2 and 3 of "King of Carrot Flowers".

In conclusion, I like both covers. How about you?
posted by Alex
April 2013