NOCUI's "You're My Strength" is the kind of track to play when making the first step of that next epic run, journey, or personal challenge. It's an instant rush and the power-up you'll need to tackle anything that comes your way. Mindfully empowering.

The 6 minutes electronic gem starts off with a vigorous 4/4 beat, accompanied by heartfelt keys and evocative pads that gradually intensify and culminate in a breakdown reminiscent of Art of Noise's haunting "Moments In Love". The vocal, "you're my strength, my motivation to move forward, I love you," intermittently appears, capturing the intense romantic energy that permeates the track.

This is the first time we have had the pleasure of covering the Italian producer who debuted his EP Entrain via Atomnation last year. NOCUI (real name Leonardo Di Fiore) is a classically trained pianist and someone who lives for improvisation. Something one could feel throughout his work. "You're My Strength" is part of his brand new Anomie EP which you can listen to below.

He shares, "The idea behind this EP was to create a collection of tracks that merged intricate sound design, syncopated rhythms, and orchestration. My goal is to bring listeners into a state of trance, drive, and transcendence. I believe that dance music shouldn’t be confined to the club setting. I try to create music that can live also outside of the club walls and be enjoyed in the intimacy of our private life. I’m obsessed with the idea of storytelling, and to me, every track in this EP tells a story of its own.”

posted by Ivo
March 2023