On her release "Witling," Noé Solange invites listeners into a hypnotic and introspective electro soundscape to immerse themselves in.

Noé Solange is a London-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer who delves into downtempo electronica that's reminiscent of acts like Zero 7 and Bonobo. Her newest offering "Wilting" is skeletal yet lush, and the glossy ambiance from the arps serves as a beautiful contrast to her soothing voice. The fact that her delivery is so allure seamlessly lures us closer to paying attention to her songwriting, where she intimately shares her experiences of self-discovery and healing. Thanks to the moody instrumental and the gentle vocals, "Wilting" walks a fine line between hopeful and sorrowful.

Speaking on the new single, Noé explains; “The notion of wilting feels like a beautiful metaphor for those more complex, difficult emotions. But it also carries a hopeful reminder that, just like in nature, this phase can stand as a singular chapter in our journey of healing before blossoming into a new version of ourselves”.

posted by Lu
October 2023