A new month, a new step of our NoMBe They Might’ve Even Loved Me adventure. The newest chapter? The utterly uplifting "Signs".

If this is the first time you stumble his music, there's 2 things you need to know. The dude is insanely talented and he also releases a song each month until... well, his debut album is complete. And yes, the record is full of good songs. No fillers.

So, today's electro-soul happiness is his new song "Signs". I would say one of the most positive / energizing tracks on the record so far. Also, another direction in Noah's music which proves not only his diverse skills, but the fact that the guy just wants to have fun while doing what he loves.

When it comes to "Signs" , NoMBe shares:

A lot of my music comes from me getting frustrated or stuck in certain arrangements. At that point I start procrastinating by playing guitar or piano. What happens next is usually me writing a whole new song that often outshines what I got so frustrated with in the first place. I wrote "Wait" that way, I wrote "Freak Like Me" that way and I also wrote this month's song "Signs" that way. I hope you enjoy my escape and hopefully can make it your own.

NoMBe's debut album They Might’ve Even Loved Me will be released sometime this year via Th3rd Brain Records. Stay tuned for more.

posted by Ivo
May 2017