With her most personal work up to date, Noraa is here with a brand new EP Twenty Two, which delves into her newly won freedom while she's expressing her thoughts without limitations.

"Somebody Else" is the third one of the short album and its lush r&b strings stretch not only with the mesmerizing voice of Noraa but also the chill and catchy delivery from MERON. The first hails from Berlin, and her silky voice is maneuvering between r&b and pop. For "Somebody Else" she dares herself to a more classic love duet where you are brave enough to confess your feelings to someone you love.

"These different phases of life and feelings in 2022 obviously inspired the name of the EP, but the number 22 also repeatedly came up during the year - upon looking it up I found out that it also means new beginnings."

posted by Krisi
November 2022