A song for rainy days, when weather kinda "forces" you to stay home, watch the world through your window and press the pause button on life. I think moments like this should happen from time to time in person's life, so you can sit down with yourself, draw a line of your path so far, think of what is happening with and to you.

Sadly, often we just get caught up with all the errands, chores, work and social-related things and lose perspective of direction and that kind of things. I'm not saying one shouldn't live here and now as this is what really matters, but I think (at least for me) having some little firefly ahead of me every once in a while is good.

The track is taken off Novo Amor's masterpiece Woodgate, NY EP and if you want to hear 3 out of the 4 tracks just browse his tag on Stereofox. Enjoy the weekend! :)

posted by Ivo
June 2014