Smoothness is the perfect word to describe this beauty.

Welcoming NYC-based singer-songwriter Noy Markel & her new release, the first single from an upcoming project produced & co-written with Tim Atlas.

Truly genre-bending - fusing elements from r&b, indie, and neo-soul, and both exciting & dreamy, "Sometimes" addresses the challenges of maintaining focus in a fast-paced world. It will serve as the perfect way into your evening with its subtle groove, warm pads & versatile vocals.

“We are constantly creating our own realities and getting lost in our thoughts. The song was born out of a conversation on perspective. The idea of watching different sunrises and the realization that sometimes the most meaningful moments happen in our own minds. I wanted to celebrate the hide-and-seek relationship we have with ourselves. A way of owning our own narrative by letting go. I wanted the music video to feel like an escape and a celebration of the whole process”, Noy shares.

There's also a vivid official music video that captures the essence of the track just perfectly, exuding a sense of empowerment and joy while celebrating the inherent unpredictability of daily life.

posted by Nasko
April 2023