I first fell in love with nu Caress' voice when he sent us "cotton breeze" via SubmitHub and Chris picked it up. By that time, I had no idea that this honey vocals belong to claptu - our label mate (aka Manuel). The rest is history, but here am I today, standing on the top of this Internet post and sharing with you our newest label release with that same nu Caress I was obsessed with last year.

I have mad respect for Manu as he seems to be quite the versatile artist and is not afraid to experiment and go out of the box. The track reminded me of 3 of my favourite artists - Frank Ocean, Montell Fish, and Daniel Caesar, so it was an instant yes in the label submissions chat.

“This track means a lot to me since it’s the first track where I completely went with what felt good to me without taking care of any songwriting, arrangement or production guidelines." shares the Germany-born, Austria-based artist. He adds, "Ultimately, Can’t Get Enough Of You is a personal, intimate song about unfulfilled desire – slow and deep bedroom r&b with some lofi vibes but hifi sound – melancholic but warm – a track to get lost to, to catch feelings to.”

Listen to the track on all platforms here.

posted by Ivo
September 2022