These past few weeks I found myself more and more drawn into funk and disco-inspired music. I must admit, those waters are relatively new to me, but the groove is something that's taking my mind off things and it's been doing wonders for my health space.

Today I invite you to immerse yourself in this vibrant blend of funk, disco, and pop crafted by French artists Odaiba and Hola Bay. "Come Back", released on Cookie Records, is a lively burst of energy that will get you moving from the very first note.

Nicko has thrived in the music scene for over two decades, transitioning from his early work with Soulchildren to a current solo endeavor with Odaiba, where he explores a diverse range of musical influences. With a lifelong immersion in genres like funk, rap, rock, soul, and French music, his journey as a vinyl collector paved the way for him to produce his own music, collaborating with renowned artists in France and crafting instrumentals for diverse platforms such as Red Bull events.

I'm also picking some MJ here and there, which makes the track even more special. Groovy, but intimate.

posted by Ivo
March 2024