Oddisee is the reason why I fell in love with hip hop - thanks to his smooth flow with jazz & soul influences in the instrumental. Funnily enough, it was when he released his last album The Iceberg back in 2017, the year when I joined Stereofox. And today, he dropped his new LP To What End.

His first full record in 6 years (although some might argue the Odd Cure EP is actually an album), it consists of 16 marvelous tracks with a number of collaborations with the likes of Bilal, Freeway, Phonte, BeMyFiasco & more - something he was reluctant to do previously, mainly relying on a DIY approach.

Unsurprisingly, the album revolves around deep topics and the story's told in an amazing way, thanks to Oddisee's magnificent lyricism. To What End is about human ambition and poses the question "How far are we willing to go?" while also exploring people's psychology - including Oddisee's own mental health. Recorded over the course of a year, the rapper said it's one of the most challenging projects he's ever done.

"Music has always been a source of therapy for me. To What End is a musical journal of my life in recent years. It’s a record of my experiences and gradual shift in perspective. I hope this record finds the ears that need it most.", shares Oddisee.

The track that caught my ear was "More to Go" with C.S. Armstrong - with the first seconds drenched in soulful samples and Oddisee's effortless flow. Armstrong's raw & hazy vocals add something really special to this gem.

Definitely check the full project, it's definitely worth it.

posted by Nasko
January 2023