Last September ODESZA released their 3rd full length album A Moment Apart which included a song called "Across The Room" featuring the legendary voice of Leon Bridges.

Actually, that collaboration eventually became one of my favourite tracks on the release. Hence, I was pleasantly surprise to find out that yesterday, the The Seattle-based electronic duo have now released a 6-track remix EP focused on "Across The Room". As a huge Tycho fan, I had to start with featuring his rendition of the track. While some people say it's not that much of a Tycho sound, I actually find those bits and pieces which remind me of his sound. Aerial, spaced out and elevating. It also sounds a bit like the early Moby at times, which in my book is always a good thing! I had a really shitty morning, and listening to this somehow turned my day around. I love all of those artists, so it's nice seeing them "working" together.

Besides Tychos' take on the original, the EP also features remixes by yung heat, AbJo, Groove Armada and Durante. Tracks I'll definitely get into, but later during the day. Meanwhile - feel free to stream below.

We actually interviewed ODESZA back in the days, if you want to find out more about Clay and Harrison, check it out here.

posted by Ivo
June 2018