ODESZA's next album The Last Goodbye is just around the corner. The 4th single of the journey "Behind The Sun" dropped earlier this year and there's no way I'm missing on featuring this experimental electronica beauty.

The song is centered around a haunting and captivating vocal sample from Iranian singer, Simin Ghanem’s, "Seeb". It is quite the trip (pun intended)

Of the song, the duo shared said “While digging through old records we came across a song by the legendary Iranian singer, Simin Ghanem. It was such a beautifully haunting vocal that we couldn’t really get it out of our heads. Slowly we started to build these symphonic elements around her and piece by piece it started to become this big anthemic track. We wanted to incorporate pieces of live drumming in a new way and ended up running various snare drum elements through a resonator and modulating them to each hit. Overall we really love how this song came together, bringing the past into the present is something we find really exciting and inspiring."

One other exciting thing about The Last Goodbye is the tracklist and all upcoming features on the record including Låpsley, Ólafur Arnalds, and Izzy Bizu.

Since we're on the Odesza topic, Lu wrote an interesting piece - The "ODESZA Symbol" Explained, which I highly recommend. And if you feel nostalgic, we always have that 2013 interview with them lingering around.

posted by Ivo
April 2022