South African songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Yellow House has injected a nostalgic kind of soul into ODESZA's latest EP.

The story dates all the way to 2018 when Yellow House received an email from the duo about exploring some ideas together. Fast-forward to 2019, he secretly traveled to Seattle to work in the studio with ODESZA to produce what is now known as Flaws In Our Design.

One of the brightest gems in this sonic treasury is the lush and dreamlike "Heavier". ODESZA adorns the stereo field with these luminous saw pads, and their intensity is matched by the heavy drums carrying the rhythm section. Yellow House's outstanding vocals I'd say are the highlight here, especially when pours his soul into the chorus to beautifully bring the track to life.

I'd certainly urge you to dive into the project below:

ODESZA · Flaws in Our Design

posted by Lu
August 2023