Ah Odesza, always a delight. I have just been talking to a friend of mine recently that it has been SO long since their last studio album (5 years, to be precise) and there they are, announcing the new record The Last Goodbye. The list of guest artists on that record is hella impressive, so mark July 22nd in your calendars for this release.

"Love Letter" is a collaboration with The Knocks and the production of this track is so so smart. The track is kind of downtempo, but really picks up the groove and gets you dancing.

“Once we started writing for the new record we rediscovered the song and felt like it embodied much of the sound we were looking for. Over the next couple of months we worked to develop the track to its current form. Inspired by the late ’90s and early 2000s electronic scene, we went about trying to craft something that felt both timeless and modern.”

posted by Anna
March 2022