When I first started listening to everything that falls under the general umbrella of what we call "Electronic Dance Music," CRNKN was one of the first dudes I heard, and his music definitely encouraged me to keep digging for more that sounded like his. Fast-forward a few years, his production is not just as impressive, if not better. For this reason, along with the fact that I simply enjoy this song, I'm going to pay homage because this artist influenced my current taste in music.

Odesza's original "Memories That You Call" gets a dancey-twist on this remix. Bells give the song an uplifting vibe while demonstrating the producer's ability to take an awesome original and generate it into something new and exciting.

A few months back CRNKN also remixed Sam Gellaitry's "Waiting So Long," which has been another one of my favorites for some time. Clearly from these examples, when two artist groups unite only positive things can happen.

According to CRNKN, this remix is a sneak-peak of an abundance of new stuff he has to release in the future.

posted by Staff
October 2015