OK, that one got me off guard in a beautiful, upbeat and uplifting way! Been longing for a new Odesza for many moons now. Their 2020 BRONSON feels ages away, so I was happy to experience any new sound from Clay and Harisson.

I have no information whether or not this is the first step towards their next LP, but it surely is a nice breath of fresh air.

"The Last Goodbye" features the powerful voice of classic US soul singer Betteye LaVette. The composition somehow reminds me of Moby, maybe it's that blend of upbeat four-on-the-floor and the 70s soul scent she brings to the table.

Since we're on the Odesza topic, Lu wrote an interesting piece - The "ODESZA Symbol" Explained, which I highly recommend. And if you feel nostalgic, we always have that 2013 interview with them lingering around.

posted by Ivo
February 2022