For a hazy 3 minutes of chilled beats and synthy melodies, Ok Badlands' newest track should be your first port of call. Their latest single "Cheap Tuesday" is a beautifully repetitive piece.

The chorus and verses seem to blend into one, with only a few added instruments and slight raise of tempo to separate the two. Bizarrely, it works a charm to make a magnificently breezy and chilled piece.

With their London Grammar style vocals and this repetitive style, it’s a real soothing track. Their classic combination of male and female vocals bring new levels to their music and when weaved into the end of this track, it's absolutely spot on. It’s extremely relaxed yet brilliantly catchy.

Usually, a song like this needs more of a journey for me, but Ok Badlands have done surprisingly well with "Cheap Tuesday"!

posted by Staff
September 2015