Got home and it was such a shitty day / evening, it felt the world punched me and when I was on the floor - it kicked me again. On the bright side, I woke up to realize my gas oven was on all night. Nothing happened, so ultimately was a good day, I survived.

Then I realized something I had forgotten. Switch off all social media for the evening and just do you thing is... amazing. Besides being productive and present in what you do, things actually happen. I was happy to sit down and feature this particular track I found a few days ago. It kinda felt like the most perfect fit ever.

J'san's name comes up a lot these days, but damn the dude is talented and he keeps being involved with different kind of sounds, which is admirable. The main responsible for this indie beauty is ok2222. I've had my ears on the 15 y/o Australian for a while and it's nice to finally see him on the website. Also, I wanted to say big thanks to khai dreams & barnes blvd. for their contribution to this track. Each of those 4 artist added their flare and created something special.

posted by Ivo
April 2018