I'm so happy to welcome back okvsho back into the website feed. The Swiss brothers are some of the OGs here at Stereofox and I've been watching their growth with nothing, but endless happiness ever since I stumbled upon their craft back in 2016.

Today's slow-down remedy is titled "Between Us" and is the fourth single from their highly anticipated upcoming LP, A Place Between Us. Serving as a musical bridge from Okvsho's past projects to their current innovative style, what I loved the most about the song was its simplicity. It set me in a state of total bliss.

okvsho shared, "Between us was the first song we made for this project. Originally created as a moment of calmness and reflection, we played this song at every show during the last year. Between us is an ode to all the places music has taken us together (metaphorically and literally). An expression of gratitude, hopeful and melancholic at the same time.".

The full A Place Between Us album drops on March 7th, so keep an eye out.

posted by Ivo
February 2024