With his newest release "Soulé", okvsho takes listeners into a space that feels mystical and wild thanks to the colorful percussion and moody vibe.

This duo of brothers from Zurich has cultivated a devoted following in the European modern jazz scene with their fascinating brand of nu jazz. "Soulé" is the first single from their highly anticipated upcoming album a place between us, and this gem stands out from previous works as it was made collaborating with the burgeoning young jazz scene of Cape Town. The rhythm section here is littered with constant surprises, and it's paired with glittery guitar arrangements that are oozing with so much soul.

okvsho shared, "As we couldn’t take our band to South Africa and Eswatini, we found different musicians for every gig we played through Instagram and with the help of the people we met during our journey. We played different versions of Soulé at every gig, but only after our last show in Cape Town, we knew where this song was going. Back in Zurich we started to record with some of our long-time collaborators and friends and Soulé emerged, a beautiful collaboration between Cape Town and Zurich."

posted by Lu
November 2023