Hip hop, soul, and jazz heads - unite. This next joint is going on the top of your playlists.

Their collaborative album Dialogue. released via Jakarta Records is an absolute masterpiece. The jazz-rap 20 tracks collection is the child of Norwegian beatmaker Ol' Burger Beats and Zimbabwe-born, Norwegian-based rapper Vuyo. 70s' jazz sounds, playful background chimes and late-night vibes paired with Vuyo's laid-back flow make a match made in heaven. This is just the beginning of an album feature series, just because it is hard to grasp the complexity and beauty of Dialogue in a song feature. "Enough for You" is definitely a great start to turn your afternoons into a chilled head bump session.

Also, if you dig this, don't sleep on "We Made It (Instrumental)" - a track from Ol' Burger Beats' Monologue - the beat-version of the full-length Dialogue. record.

Stay tuned for more.

posted by Ivo
April 2021