"Bimal" will take you on a beautiful trip through jazz & soul.

The Bristol-based saxophonist and composer Oli Morris delivers a rich & various listening experience that will surely captivate all your senses. He elaborates on the story behind it:

"Bimal" revolves around my journey backpacking around India in January 2020 and a reflection of my emotions and feelings during the trip. It's named after a naad yoga teacher me and my friend found under a banyan tree in Goa. I centred this song around him and how his teachings have helped me come to terms with my anxiety and really appreciate my experience for what it was. In the beginning of the track you can hear a snippet of one of his lessons I recorded on my phone. To be given the opportunity to travel in 2020 before covid was a huge blessing for me, and to be able to express my experience through some of my best friends and favourite musicians has been more than a privilege to me.

Except for Oli, the track features a whole bunch of amazing artists - Chrissie Huntley on vocals, Eli Jitsuto (Snazzback) on guitar, Sam Fox (Rwkus) on bass, Ruaridh Wilkinson (Bristol Lockdown Big Band) on keys and piano and Andee Lieu (Roello Orolo) on drums.

posted by Nasko
July 2021