In his latest, A Brief Return To Solitude EP, Bristol-based multi-instrumentalist Oli Morris delves deep into the intricate layers of emotional vulnerability and self-reflection. The EP paints a vivid picture of growth, healing, and introspection, offering listeners a heartfelt pathway through life's trials and triumphs.

The focus track "The Bridge" featuring the enchanting vocals of Chrissie Huntley, serves as a captivating conclusion to the EP, drawing inspiration from Leos Carax's film "Lovers on the Bridge", Oli Morris skillfully orchestrates an arrangement that mirrors the emotional intensity of a cinematic masterpiece, infusing the track with an unpredictable blend of ballad-like elements and resonant motifs.

With harmonies delicately layered over samples of bustling Parisian fireworks, "The Bridge" is a powerful proof of the transformative power of music.

posted by Boris
October 2023