Just a month after Lu's feature of Oliver Henry's "Brother", we're granted a worthy successor of that laid-back and spacious futuristic electronic sound thanks to his new single "You".

"You" is the last installment of his 4-track Brother EP (released via Gallery Recs) and it sounds more mature than his previous work. The track offers multiple layers and is packed with tiny details that can easily make you re-listen several times because every single play will unveil a new piece of the puzzle. What I loved the most was the lowkey experimental synth towards the end of the track. Their futuristic sound blended with the classic cinematic strings - a match made in heaven. This all comes without a surprise given the background of the Australian producer in classical music.

Certainly, an artist to be excited about in the electronic realm. Instant add to our chill electronic escape selection.

posted by Ivo
last month