Been one of the longest days ever. That being said, lots of greatness happening behind the scenes, so I took some time this evening to just sit on the balcony and bump up some SoundCloud gems. A good old low-key grooving.

Ever since we made this a full-on company the joy somehow took the backseat. The early days feel like those teenage days where you felt careless, so this evening wanted to have this for a bit. No papers or admin work, just scouting the Internet for dope music. This is where comes in omoidé.

Pronounced "OH-MO-EE-DAY", the 26 years-old producer who is supposed to be on semi-hiatus while working on an EP... well, fucking delivers. The Chicago-based artist took Ella Mai's 2018 "Shot Clock" and turned the contemporary r&b and soul delight into a powerful kick-driven beat. Both sexy and groovy, I definitely can see myself spinning this in the early part of a bar set.

posted by Ivo
August 2020