While I can’t tell you who's on the mind of London-based singer and composer, Tom Misch, I can tell you that his music has been one of the only things on my mind lately.

From his classic Dilla-inspired beats to his rich and sultry vocals, I have yet to find a musical niche the young composer fails to dominate. With his newest release, "On My Mind," Misch delivers his signature infusion of Neo-Soul guitar licks and smooth hip-hop beats. The track comes to us with the promise of a solo EP currently in the works, and if it's remotely indicative of what's to come, we can rest assured it will be nothing short of musical genius. The 19-year-old boasts a repertoire of talents that includes production, guitar, vocals, violin and songwriting. It’s only slightly impressive.

That being said, take a moment of your day to enjoy the above track; I’m confident Tom Misch will be on your mind too.

posted by Staff
October 2014