I have always been proud of my discovery of some small band called On-the-Go as I thought they were British (I am still not sure what made me think so) and not popular at all and it made me feel very special. Until one day a friend of mine told me that I was an idiot as this band is actually from Russia and quite popular in my Motherland.

The guys are great! They were formed in 2007 in Togliatti, but now they are based in Moscow. They have 2 albums and a bunch of EPs, so these years have been rather productive.

"Not Enough Hope" is a track from their 2012 sophomore album November. Even though I would classify this into a very normal indie rock/pop, the song gives me some epic feeling and very abnormal chills. In general, the whole album is very nice and easy to listen to. If you are curious about quality Russian indie-pop this is something for you.

posted by Anna
July 2013