Excited to be amongst the first in the world to share Ordley's new single "we're the last to leave".

Today's premiere is a beam of positive energy for any alternative electronic music fan. Ordley, an Australian newcomer, creates a distinctive blend of indie-dance and melodic house that resembles a mixture of Fred Again, Duskus, and Tourist.

Ordley has been crafting a new music collection over the past few months and plans to release it in the near future. He offers a preview with his new single "we're the last to leave" which expresses the determination to persevere despite life's challenges.

This is a song about conveying the tension from how we wish life would be and how it actually is, and the strains this can place on our romantic relationships as we find the resilience to keep going. I wrote and produced this song in one morning after hearing a news segment about young people’s employment still not recovering after the pandemic, and the anxiety this was bringing to them. T

his was all too close to home for me as an artist, and that emotion went straight into this record. Musically, it’s a fun, chill record. Fast and dancey. I think the percussion has a UK rave feel, keeping the momentum super high and the vocals are showcasing my fun and playful nature.", shares the artist.

posted by Ivo
January 2023