This is one of the tracks I'd say are spot-on when I talk about music I adore.

Oscar Jerome's "Gravitate" just dropped a few days ago and, man, I can't stop listening to it, really. It's magnificent. No surprise it features Joe Armon-Jones from my super favourite Ezra Collective & members of Kokoroko.

I love every single element of it - from the shimmering guitars and jazzy keys to the lush vocals and the glorious beatwork. Oscar says of the track:

This pays homage to a lot of the pioneers of the British broken beats genre as well as a lot of my soul, jazz and rock influences. The subject matter is both cosmic and personal. I reference a lot of imagery of the early life of a star in space as well as ideas of individuality and self-acceptance.

Enjoy the live perfomance righ here:

posted by Nasko
June 2019