We're a month away from Overmono's highly anticipated debut LP GOOD LIES scheduled for May 12th via XL Recordings. After the mind-blowing "Is U" and "So U Kno", the duo returns with a last taste of what's ahead - the vocally driven power-charge "Good Lies" thanks to Smerz.

Brothers Tom and Ed Russell performed together under the name TR/ER for a brief time in the past, but it's the inception of Overmono that marks their true journey towards world dominance on the world's dance scene.

"Good Lies was the first track we wrote that we knew was going to be part of the album. The range of influences we were feeling at the time, the type of sounds we were messing around with in the studio – it felt like the type of track that brought together everything we wanted the album to be in our heads. It was actually in demo form the whole time we were working on the rest of the music and It was only once we had the other tracks, that we knew how to finish it…actually, on the morning we had to master the album.", share Overmono.

I love the scent of 90s rave music engraved in "Good Lies" and this energy paired with the lush and inviting vocals make the song an absolute pre-weekend firestarter.

posted by Ivo
April 2023