2013 may be being hailed as the year that hip-hop found itself, but what of electronic music? The Weeknd had one of the most hyped and anticipated albums of the year with Kiss Land and let's not even talk about Disclosure right now. They may sit at rather opposing sides of the electronic spectrum, but I still strongly believe it's been a great year for the genre and going into 2014, it's surely only going to pick up pace.

Enter London duo Pale. At the forefront of the underground electronic scene, the two are already being called one of the most rapturously received acts of 2013 and with good reason. New song 'Rundown' is a foray into the heartfelt, shrouded in sparse pops and clicks. Pale are proving that England has an answer to everything electronic R&B from across the pond dares to throw out, and good lord how well they're doing it.

posted by Staff
October 2013