Parra for Cuva is back with a blast, with his album Juno dropping today.

Certainly one of the most impressive new offerings from the LP, "Manila Palm" takes you on a sonic journey, driven by vocal sampling, ethereal pads, spacious synths, and progressive beatwork.

The track comes with an amazing music video, directed by the Brazilian-Japanese Rodrigo Inada - a mysterious Berlin-tale, on which he elaborates:

Depictions of quotidian urban youth activities - clubs, chatter, and dancing - are juxtaposed with a speeding birds-eye-view of the city. The video is part of a longer narrative created by Inada which spans several of the album's tracks and follows a young girl who sets out in search of her fleeting eagle. The eagle acts as a portal to diverse scenes of the cityscape, spanning the mundane to the characteristically Berliner. The girl's search of her bird symbolises the various longings, and cravings people coming to Berlin hope to fulfil.ManilaPalm is an ode to a city, whose unique energy is made-up of people's searches and desires.

posted by Nasko
July 2021