Following Jemma's wonderful Jesper Ryom feature last week, I got inspired and started digging into Délicieuse Records's Liquors#1. The release is one of a kind and contains nothing but flawless music gems.

Next on my radar is Parra For Cuva (who were featured by Thomas not long ago) and his spacious electronic sound "Zamonia". The Berlin-based duo carve out one of the most peaceful electronic sounds I've heard in a while. The whole song feels very nature-driven and it's a perfect example how good in finding talent Délicieuse Records are.

Representing a certain era in the evolution of the label, this first page in the history of Délicieuse Records is today commemorated with the compilation Liquors#1 which brings together one exclusive title for each artist, who all have traveled through a beautiful path since their start on Délicieuse.

posted by Ivo
March 2017