I seem to be wishing it's Friday night already as I'm getting hooked on dance music all morning.

French-Polynesian producer & multi-instrumentalist Pastel, whom we know very well for his groovy, feel-good music (and funny videos btw), returns with a stellar rendition of the legendary disco/funk tune "The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)" by The Bucketheads.

Not that the original isn't danceable enough but the London-based artist adds his groovy guitars, funky basslines, and a Brazilian touch to turn it into "Cabo Player" - a song which every DJ will be playing on repeat this season.

The song started off half a year ago as a YT short, and there was even a 10-minute loop version:

Pastel has gone places in the past years, collaborating with acts like Adi Oasis & Jarreau Vandal, as well as touring with FKJ in Asia. And you can hear why it's absolutely deserved.

If you'd like more of that sound, make sure to check our Dance Feels playlist.

posted by Nasko
October 2023