You might know Paul Grant mainly for his instrumental beauties but the US multi-instrumentalis & producer is just as strong (due to personal preferences - even stronger) in the r&b realm.

His latest offering is called "U" and features the magnificent vocals of Philly-based singer Brayla. The result is the finest example of everything I love in this genre - warm melodies (those piano & guitars!), a captivating drum groove, and vocals you can't get enough of. The song is taken from Paul's latest EP Forward, out via DeepMatter Records which you should totally listen to in full.

"U" is the fav weekly pick of Franklin from Global Soul, part of the new music/discovery section of their latest show (where they also played our release with Ethan Mark - "Sisyphus"). Make sure to check the full episode & subscribe:

The song isn't in the Top 20 Chart (yet) but make sure to check out the other tunes, they're marvelous:

posted by Nasko
June 2023