In the time that I was gone (apologies for that), I've manage to come across some amazing uprising talents and tracks. A good mix of renditions and originals and I can't wait to share them.

Petit Biscuit, as you all know, is no stranger. With 'Sunset Lover' he's managed to exemplify his oeuvre of chillness.

Clarian on the other hand, is someone knocking on the door. And he seems to be following in the musical footsteps. Though I'd say he specialises in more deep house, but it's nonetheless good.

Yes, this song isn't new. But, Petit Biscuit released a Remixes EP solely for 'Sunset Lover' and out of all, Clarian's really stood out. He brought a tropical-esque energy and that gave it a subtle bit groove. And I'm looking forward to see what these two have in store for us.

posted by Zuli
September 2017