phameon or Patrick is an artist who seamlessly blends electronic and recorded sounds together to create a unique combination of emotive musical experiences.

“inside out” is his follow-up, 2nd official single after his debut release "On The Floor" which delves deeper into the emotional journey of his work. The minimalistic, slow-burning rhythm elegantly compliments the airy synths and immersive soundscapes that subtly draw you even deeper into the story and make you feel like you are flying in the clouds. The culmination of this journey is the expansive and sad vocals, which completely take the veil over everything else and make you feel the messages and emotions that the artist felt and aimed to convey with his music.

"“inside out” is about pain but it is also about happiness. It is about how they interact with each other within ourselves. Sometimes you can have weeks of darkness and depression and you are just waiting for the light to come in. But also, after finally getting to the light you realise you will soon go back down to the darkness. Just not knowing how or when it will happen. It is quite a depressing theme but having the slower danceable beat behind it gives it the contrast that I felt when I was going through a dark time. Finding places to dance among the crowds to electronic music was so therapeutic and helped me work through some very complex emotions. This song was born out of those experiences." - phameon

posted by Boris
April 2023