I have this folder of bookmarks on Google Chrome called "Download/listen to." When I find something I want to listen to and maybe download, but am preoccupied so I can't at that moment, I'll simply put it in that folder. It's been unvisited for maybe 3 months or so, until today, when I decided to go through all of it. That's how I rediscovered Photo Ops, a rock band out of Nashville making some truly awesome summery tunes. "Go To Sleep" was one of the first songs I heard off the album while scrolling through Soundcloud, and it is easily my favorite. It's got some truly peaceful harmonies that keep it grounded, but overall, it has an almost stadum-rock quality to it, easily evidenced by the chorus that makes even me want to sing along with it.

If you like what you hear, go and send them some love on Facebook, and maybe even buy their album on Bandcamp (it's totally worth the $8)

posted by Staff
July 2013