Plastic Flowers is a Greek dream-pop/shoegaze duo formed back in 2011. They guys have been pretty productive so far. I will talk about their EP Aftermath released in 2013 and the track "Empty Eyes" from it. I don't know much about the guys except for the fact that they are Greek, awesome, record their music at home and are currently (or maybe were?) on tour in the States (at least that's what is telling me).

I absolutely love the dreamy smooth music they produce and I would say that it reminds me of The xx. It is a pretty good reminder. "Empty Eyes" has a very smooth yet distinct beat and guitar, hazy vocals, ambient atmosphere. The whole EP sort of flows and comes to its end without you noticing it. Perfect stargazing or bedtime music.

Oh and did I mention free download for everything on their Soundcloud? Mucho love for that. These guys are definitely someone to keep an eye on this year.

posted by Anna
May 2013