Chillhop as a genre has slowly become one of my favourite genres when looking for a way to calm down and stay grounded in the here & now. Especially in times when everything seems to be happening x2 faster than usual.

In the midst of the release of the new Chillhop Fall Essentials compilation, it's a great honour and pleasure to premiere Aso's new track "Seasons".

The young American producer has been on our radar for more than a year and has constantly delivered nothing but absolutely gorgeous beat-driven soundscapes. I would say he's definitely one of those talented producers who carries the torch after Dilla & Nujabes while adding his own angle to the whole beat creation process. "Seasons" is the perfect example for this - a perfect clash of chillout & ambient music with hip hop beats, all that perfectly wrapped around the piano core of the composition. If you're looking for a way to stop the world for a second, that play button is pretty much the quickest shortcut ever.

As mentioned before, the track we're sharing today - "Seasons" is part of Chillhop's Fall Essentials. Once again, the Chillhop Records team has managed to gather the Avengers of beat making - the nearly 20 tracks release is an absolute must-hear!

posted by Ivo
October 2016