Beau Diako took smoothness on another level.

"Cute", featuring Totu (from Tora), marks the release of Beau's debut EP Flutter. Totu shares about the song:

When Beau sent me this instrumental I got really excited and started recording vocals at home straight away. The melodies came quickly, but the lyrics arrived much much later. I sent Beau my idea for the chorus before it actually had any lyrics, which was a really bad idea because he ended up getting quite attached to my mumble singing, and even when I finally sent him the complete vocals with lyrics, he preferred the mumble! In the end we came to a compromise, keeping some of the mumble vocals in there with the real ones. It kinda sounds nice like that so everyone wins.

The track evolves in such a nice way - it's so gentle in the beginning, featuring soft keys, chimes and beatwork, and gets super fresh and groovy in the chorus, all blended together with silky vocals and amazing guitar work.

posted by Nasko
November 2019