Lightness, sexy grooves and nothing but feel-good vibes. That's definitely a good start of the day and that's exactly how I woke up this morning... until I had to reach for my crutches and drag myself to the living room, but that's another story.

I'm gonna rewind until before leaving the bed. I've been waiting to share with you this Duñe remix for a month or so, but in all those days I've had it on my daily playlists. Why? Because it's just way to good to listen to it once. Or 20 times for that matter.

The French producer adds his vision to a track crafted by his fellow countryman and labelmate Crayon. "After The Tone" is part of Crayon's recent Post Blue release - the perfect showcase of contemporary r&b and soul music and chilled electronica beats. Honestly, this track is a straight 10/10!

In addition, besides the remix Crayon shares visuals for another Post Blue track - "Pink" which you can watch below.

posted by Ivo
June 2018