One of the nicest things about running this project for a few years now is the ability to follow artists' path and development. Somehow silently, on the side, but still... being somewhat connected through every feature and written line.

One of my oldest finds I still am really excited about is UK producer Edapollo. Today, Ed is just releasing his new track and we get to premiere it. It's a good day for music.

"Meet Me In Osaka" is different than his previous stuff. It's super lushful and spacious.... like a weird mix between Odesza and Bonobo's latest sound. Absolutely wonderful.

Curious about the story behind the track? Well...

I recently travelled to Japan and took a lot of musical inspiration from the trip. Whilst I was there I did countless field recordings, capturing the varied ambient sounds of the places I visited. I really loved one sample in particular which I recorded whilst I was in Osaka, it was of some Japanese wind chimes blowing in the breeze one evening.

When I came back home to the studio, it fitted perfectly with some new ideas I had and that’s when "Meet Me In Osaka" was born. I wanted this track to be a journey, when I listen to it I can imagine myself being sat on the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka, staring out the window and watching the ever changing landscape flying past me.”

posted by Ivo
December 2017