This track won me as soon as I heard MARKS' singing "in the light of wasted youth". Those few words hit my nostalgic soul. Made me think of the good old teenage years and my friends. I love life, but sometimes I do daydream of the days where going to school was the only worry. So, yeah - featuring a premiere of Lindsay Marcus aka MARKS and her track "What Did I Ask For" was a no-brainer

When it comes to the track, Lindsay shares...

...sometimes life doesn’t go exactly the way you planned. Sometimes you might feel like there are unavoidable gravitational forces that were set in motion long ago, but hopefully it becomes a process of discovery and growth and unfolding, and of things learned along the way.

Stylistically it’s stripped back which feels more in line with the exposed nature of the sentiments in the song”.

The whole track is produced, recorded, performed and mixed by MARKS, and in case you also fell in love with those brass sounds... then we should thank mr. Jordan Katz for those amazing horn arrangements.

posted by Ivo
November 2018