Just a week after bringing up Explosions In The Sky, our newest premiere will somehow send you to the world of the Texas post-rock band. But just somehow, because today's spotlight will go on Ross Henry and his re-work of their track "Home".

 Actually re-work is not enough to describe the beauty which is gonna hit you the next 3 minutes and 57 seconds. Re-vision sounds way more appropriate, because the Australian producer/indie artist completely takes apart EITS's soundscapes and adds bits of himself.

I’ve never been much of a morning person, back at school was often late for the bus. After a brief walk through the lamp lit graveyard I’d have my ticket clipped by the driver and slump down into my seat in a half daze. The one thing that made these mornings for me was music. It’s not too easy to feel inspired (or even awake) when the sun hasn’t even bothered to raise it’s head yet. I'd listen to Explosions in The Sky, lean my head against the rattling window, and just float along. Here's to musical escapism.

If there's one thing which I always found admirable, that's when someone takes a favourite track of mine and completely transforms it into smth... different and equally amazing.

posted by Ivo
February 2016